About Me


I was once a small boy who changed schools frequently around Phoenix, Az. The new kid always seems to get picked on.

Despite my activity in sports and karate, I was continually beat up by bigger kids and even adults. I felt as though I had a target on my back. I had not given myself permission to be assertive.


In high school I started wrestling and boxing which did great things for my confidence but I knew there still was a vital piece missing from my ability to actually defend myself in a violent encounter. This became apparent in 1998 when my father and I were robbed at gunpoint. We both got home safely, but I got a lesson in fear and survivability first-hand.

When I first saw Tony Blauer's ATM video in 2009 I realized THIS WAS THE MISSING LINK. I was hooked. At this point I was training and competing in Mixed Martial Arts in Okinawa, Japan but could not attend a live course. In 2012 I finally made it to my first PDR Instructor Course in Dachau, Germany. This is when I began the Incirlik Air Base self defense program in Adana, Turkey. Since moving to California I have created imPULSE PDR and I am providing training to the Northern California Community. I hope to continue training and coaching the SPEAR System™ as long as I live.

The ATM Video:


If you knew you had to fight to the death tomorrow, would it change the way you trained today?

- Tony Blauer, Founder, S.P.E.A.R. System



  • Technical Sergeant, United States Air Force

  • 5 years as a Military Victim Advocate

  • 2007-2011 Mixed Martial Arts coach and competitor (Okinawa, Japan)

  • 2012 PDR 35.5 Instructor Course Certified (Dachau, Germany)

  • 2012-2013 Incirlik Airbase Personal Defense Readiness Instructor and program coordinator (Adana, Turkey)

  • 2014 SPEAR Combatives Camp Graduate

  • 2016 PDR 61 Instructor Course Graduate/ MTT Intern

  • 2011-current Military CPR and Self Aid Buddy Care instructor

  • 2016-current Owner and Coach of Impulse PDR (Vacaville, California)