Impulse PDR Is LIVE!

My dream of making good people safer is coming to fruition.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank EVERYONE that has made this conception possible. To list a few:

All of my coaches and mentors over the years. Your teachings have improved my quality of life and given me a foundation on which I build my practice. I have been able to look to YOU for guidance. My coaching ability is a direct reflection of the values that you have instilled within me.

My training partners. You know who you are. Having the lights turned out on us in the base gym because we just can't stop our training session but they closed 30 minutes ago. Training out of our car port/ spare bedroom/ grass in the park... wherever we can find space to test our metal and hone our craft. That head nod that we give one another after a good head shot to ensure we are ok to continue. Respecting the days where I needed to take it easy, and obliging the days that I needed to push the pace. To this ever-growing roster of people... I thank you, for as steel sharpens steel, one man sharpens another.

My students. You have challenged me in countless ways. Each one of you bring your own story and unique experience. Your perspective brings depth to the class. Your questions allow me to dig deeper and connect theory with application. YOU are the reason Impulse PDR exists. YOU are the reason I exist.

This marks a great milestone in my life where I have this incredible vehicle to train with many great people. I am now able to continue teaching, but now on a much larger scale. See you soon!